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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's amazing how much can happen in 10 days!

Just been reading  what y'all have been up to over the past week or so....everyone is sooo busy and lots of wonderful news and good stuff happening!

Me and the SO have been travelling in the big wide spaces of Australia on our annuals - last year we went to Broken Hill and down the Darling with not much water in it.  This year, some of the same, but along bits of the Murray and up the Darling on the other side.... water water absolutely everywhere...and the feed...and the wildflowers!  Also this year we took the tent and only slummed it in a park cabin on the last night.

2.600 kms Sunday to Friday...whew!  but fantastic. I flew out last Saturday and on the Sunday we drove the trusty little Toyota Ute from Malmsbury (our Victorian home near Kyneton in the Central Highlands) to Loxton (SA).  Monday was Berri and Renmark, then off through NSW along the Murray River to Lock 7 near Rufus River at the bottom of Lake Victoria (full of water). Tuesday was Wentworth, Pooncarrie and to 'Bindara Station' on the Darling River (full of water). Wednesday we ran from the rain through the Kinchega National Park & the Menindee Lakes area (full of water); then real outback stuff up to Wilcannia (boy oh boy) and to Tilpa (where we wrote our names on the wall at the pub) and camped at the weir (full of water). Thursday back down to Cobar where I met the lovely Jodie at Jellywares, then Hilston and Hay. Friday we headed for home through Balranald, back into Victoria across the Murray (full of water) at Swan Hill, down through Kerang, to Bridgewater, Malong, and home along the freeway back to Malmsbury (where the Malmsbury Res is almost full of water LOL).

I'm tired thinking about it!   I just fell off the red plane this arvo and am catching up on the important things like emails and blogs!

Photos tomorrow .......xxxxxx...zzzzzzz....xxxxxxx

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