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A blog about the meanderings of a craft designer and hand maker living in a beautiful island at the end of the earth....I'm a weaver addicted to her little Ashford Knitters Loom, a crocheter, knitter, painter, gardener and grandma. Rowena lives in Tasmania - a world apart, not a world away!

Craft is a social activity, shaped by communal resources and motivations. Leonardo Bonanni and Amanda Parkes Virtual guilds : collective intelligence and the future of craft JMC vol 3, no 2 July 2010 pp. 179-190

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


A busy month...

Unit listed and now sold - thanks to Katrina at Raine & Horne Launceston for a professional and attentive service!!  Amazingly fast results.

Too much stuff (refer Eric Bibb)...yes way too much stuff......packed up.

AND MOVED  thanks to Bell's removals and the fantastic Dion and Shane who got it all done in the pouring rain.  The only thing broken was what I dropped.

Unpacking too much stuff......thanks thanks thanks to Lalu and I could use the kitchen.

The shop got painted - thanks Lyn...and arranged in the dead of night ready for last Wednesday's opening.

And Grum came home for Christmas from the wilds of Victoria....and cut wood ( taa also to Michael in absentia, Fergus and Lalu (again!)), and bought me a clothes line for Christmas and put it up, and spent 3 hours cutting grass, pruning the fruit trees and generally tidying, nailing, moving and supporting.......

Gee thanks too to Lauren for giving me Christmas dinner off - it was a lovely meal and terriffic to have us there together.

And to my Mum, on the occasion of her 95th birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY xxxxxx

...and as well to BRuce and Mary and Kaye and Will and June and Rita and Carmen and Bubu and Jacquie and Yin Mei and all of the other ones who I appologise for not mentioning and who have phoned, emailed or called...just THANK YOU!!!!!!

And lastly to Eric again...Don't let nobody drag your spirit down

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Well, I've been rabbiting on about these for a few weeks now and they are finally finished!

The latest superfine Tasmanian merino handwoven scarves are finally off the looms, finished, labeled and packaged and ready to go to their new owners! 

They are destined as gifts for attendees at a wedding in Hobart this Saturday - and two will be off to the U.S!  I'm SO pleased with the new packaging.  It makes the special ones look "specialler" don't you think?

One is millspun, one millspun warp and handspun weft and two handspun both ways woven on an Ashford Knitters loom 50 cm and usingTasmanian Merino label superfine merino tops (handspun to medium singles) and the same  millspun 2/16s.   Lovely !!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I have managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Victoria to catch up on domestic duties and make sure SigOther is behaving himself!  So three days of wet weather coming up I fear.  It was pouring at Tullamarine this morning as I dashed for the little Bendigo Airport Bus but thank heavens it had stopped by the time I hopped out at the top of the hill at Malmsbury.

Home Sunday nite then next week will be full of last minute things to do before the "big move" and also catching up with the wonderful artisan crafts people who have decided to support Oatlands handmade.  There is lots of stock to pick up and get organised.   The MOO Robot emailed me to say my lovely new business cards and other printed stuff is on it's way and the shop counter has arrived in the garage - now so full I can't find the little looms!!  (Still got orders to complete b4 Thursday and another trip to Hobart to fit in.  Whew!!)

Looking forward also to a trip to Eastside Makers on Sunday 5th to say hello and to collect more stock.  Some visitors from the Coast will be there - hope they have a great market! Oh, and a big big thanks to Extras Direct (I won a Gift Voucher from them at the September Eastside) I went shopping when in Hobart on Wednesday.  Bought a beautiful handmade jacket. Absolutely gorgeous little shop at Shoreline Shopping Centre full of accessories, jewellery, unique clothing and shoes.  Thanks thanks thanks.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Well Launceston, congratulations for coming out in droves!  Two at once - success!!

Lyn met me for drinks first at Mud - how civilised - then we perused the offerings at the inaugural Apron Design Market .  Lots of others were looking too and the weather was fine...a bit windy but the shelter created by those white marquees ensured that stall holders and visitors alike were comfortable. The atmosphere was great. I was pleased to chat to Loz with her beautiful Grandeliers and enthused over the stunning 9 Fruits - flat pack fruit bowl from young designer Adam Aberle - a finalist in the 2009 Design Awards. Impressed also with Bek's lovely cards and linen aprons.  But they were all fantastic. All of them.  Look at the website for stall holders.

So then we jumped in the cars and tootled down to the Tramsheds to the third Niche for 2010 and oh boy!  The crowds were stupendous.  Loved the venue Liz - best yet - and think yes, the second room is a  must for next time!

I spent a happy time shopping for THE NEW SHOP and talking to the host of wonderful makers - old and new!  Was really liking Margaret's lamps as well as AdoreU Design's security card holders  - great to see some design going into these mundane accessories we are forced to wear.  Lovely!!  Who else ? Well just look at the Niche blogspot and you'll see who.  All great, all being patronised and the venue chokkas with people shopping!  St Giles will benefit, Liz will be stoked.

So then we went off to Blue Cafe .  I had the prawn and avocado salad and my assistant had a yummy wood fired pizza, but the desert was to die for : dark chocolate bouchon pudding with caramel dirt & vanilla bean
icecream. OMG !!! I took a photo of it for here but the wine had made my hand shake and it's not quite suitable for publication LOL. We staggered off into the sunset, shopped out and replete.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Here are my new cards from yesterday, all labeled, packaged up and ready to go to the new shop!

Also, here are some new superfine Tasmanian merino scarves wot I have just finsihed for an order.  One more to go so I had better start warping !!!

Three Superfine Merino handwoven Scarves

Closeup of one on right

These scarves were all woven on my little Ashford Knitters Loom with a 12.5 dpi heddle and the gorgeous 19.5 micron superfine merino fibre.

The left one is using our own handspun in an open weave which was then fulled in the washing machine to a firm fabric.

The middle one is mill-spun superfine warp with the weaving a window pane pattern variation using alternating millspun and handspun.

The right hand one is all mill-spun and there's a closeup of the balanced weave at right.  The one that I have still to do will be a leno using the superfine handspun.


My new (secondhand) 80 cm Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom !!!!!

Thanks to Belinda in the ACT for packing it up so beautifully and sending over for me!!

PS Thanks for the kind wishes y'all - I'm still sick  :(

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Master 2 has passed on his lurgy to his Ga Ga and she is MISERABLE!  Hacking cough like croup, runny dose, sore, itchy and weepy eyes - my germs are innumerable!!  It's dreadful being sick when you have to look after yourself.  And I need to stay away from Mum as she doen not need this cold.

SigOther keeps ringing up from the wilds of Vic and asking "are you dead yet ?"  well...lovely eh?  But at least he rings up and asks.  Men sometimes have funny ways of expressing care don't they LOL

So, plenty of paracetamol, lemon and honey and tissues  :(

I've been printing cards all day (thank you Isis) and at least that's kept me busy and now they are dry, I will label and pack them.......getting ready for next month

I did this one on lovely heavy recycled card stock
from Regal Crafts.  He looks beautiful on brown!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Killiecrankie Farm's beautiful, and specially-grown for you, fresh-cut Christmas Trees are available for order now at The Mill Providore and the Atrium Cafe in Launceston.

Tended by Lee and Chris in the tantalisingly beautiful Tamar Valley close to Launceston, your family needs to experience the scent and ambience these ecologically sustainable Christmas Trees will bring to your festive season this year!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

To Market, To Market.....Latrobe Truly Tasmanian

Well I braved the wind, the rain, the thunder and lightning and piloted Ronnie Rav down to Latrobe on the Sunday of the longweekend of craft to check out the Truly Tasmanian Craft Exhibition and Fair!  Never having been before, I was anxious to see what these rebelious lot were up to. Fonz (aka Fonz's Woodcraft 354 Main Road, Spreyton) started the Truly Tas Exhibition several years ago as a reaction to not being accepted at Deloraine.  A small group started off and this year there were almost 40 stalls offering a wide range of handmade Tasmanian art and craft exhibiting at the Latrobe Memorial Hall.

Despite the apalling weather, a steady crowd patronised the event and by just after lunch, the rain had gone!   I bought some beaut soap from Natures Force from Kimberley, some lovely silver grey fleece, a paca batt with bling, some bunny and some hoppy fur from Cheryl of Fibres & Threads, a beaut brooch from Rita and a pair of stunning maille earings from Lyn's Maille

I had a great time hanging out with the girls and enjoyed looking at a wonderful new range of Tas handmades.

Standouts : Rino and Howard up from Geeveston in the deep south of Tasmania with their stunning sterling silver and glass bead serving wear and jewellery!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

To Market to Market - Deloraine

Well, what can I say about the 2010  Deloraine Craft Fair ?   It was great to go after a rest of a couple of years and see the veritable host of Tasmanian designers and makers once again showcasing their talents and wonderful wares.  Yes, there were a few from the big island, but that's OK - it pays to keep up with what they are doing "overseas" - but the percentage of Tas exhibitors who were also demonstrating heartens me. 

The intention of the organisers to return to a "working" craft fair (see website and 2010 entry criteria) is commendable and appreciated by the patrons : crowds gathered everywhere an artisan was demonstrating which goes to prove the point.  "....exhibitors will display their finest wares and share their techniques"  

The providore lines were great too, but don't take it too far and turn the occasion into a food and wine show !   The mission and vision of this magnificent event - The Tasmanian Craft Fair is the largest working display of arts and crafts in Australia.- must be the guide !!

My purchases from 2010
I spent two solid days tramping the aisles and talking to some stunningly interesting people!  Hello to all of you that took the time to chat to me.  Thanks to all of you whose wonderful craft I brought home! And to those who missed out when I ran out of $$$s - next year !!!

The Ashford rigid heddle looms (yes there are TWO now) are eagerly awaiting these gorgeous materials :

Wonderful hand-dyed merino wool and silks from the vats of Mahdi and Wendy, those terrific Text-isle-Tarts

Paca Bling Batt from Sue at Tasmanian House of Fibre

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Print Making with Isis

The lovely and talented Isis ran a print making workshop at The Mill Providore And Gallery in Launceston.

What a fantastic time we had !

                                 Day One - Screen Printing on Monday 25th October
Day Two - Block printing with lino cuts on Tuesday 2nd Nov

There were just three of us in the class !   (Our teacher believes in small classes and individual attention.)
Louise and her lovely daughter Asher came and me.

We made lots of mess but Isis didn't mind.

......we learned how to cut stencils and remembered everything we'd forgotten about lino blocks
.....and then we made some beautiful prints. 

These pics are from Day 2 with the lino blocks.....

It was great!   

And then Isis got her Hillbarn Box delivered to The Mill and we ooohed and aaahed over the wonderful fresh produce...and she got ROSES TOO !

I had a terrific time, learned heaps and made some beaut cards I was really pleased with. 

Waiting for the NEXT workshop.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thank you Disney!!

I'm so excited, I won a prize !!!! The guys at Felt Convergence 2010 have drawn me out and I won some beautiful alpaca roving courtesy of Disney - he of the gorgeous eyes!.   Thanks thanks thanks!!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Market Sunday - Deviot's Turn

We're off to Deviot Market tomorrow!  Hope it's fine and lots of people come out to buy fabulous Tasmanian handmade art craft.

Just shopping tomorrow...........

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I've had confirmation from the beautiful Lyn  of Lyn's Maille who knows all about this one :

The 2010  Truly Tasmanian Craft Exhibition and Sale will be held at Latrobe on the November Longweekend : 30, 31st October and 1st November.

You will see an exhibition of high quality handmade craft by Tasmanian craft persons held in Latrobe.  There will be working exhibitions and fine Tasmanian made produce as well.

Artisans work Includes jewellery, wood craft, furniture, photography, art, pottery, craft, lace making, teddy bears, fine food, lead lighting, mosaic mirrors, glasswork, ceramics, alpaca craft, hand painted silk, handmade cards, wooden toys, decorated eggs, handmade collectables and Christmas decorations.

So, check out Deloraine but don't forget this one Saturday 30th October, Sunday 31st October and Monday 1st November 2010.

Truly Tasmanian Craft Exhibition and Sale

Monday, October 18, 2010

Craft Craft and more wonderful HANDMADE from Tasmania

They are coming thick and fast - the run up to Christmas 2010 has a plethora (wonderful word LOL) of handmade Tasmanian fine art craft!  Here are some - there are probably many more.....

Please check the date and venue - I have collected these from various websites and blogs....


24 October                         Deviot Hall Market, West Tamar


29 October - 1 November   Tasmanian Craft Fair Deloraine

October 30, 31 and November 1              
                                         Truly Tasmanian Craft Exhibition and Sale  
                                         @ Latrobe - Dates are def LWE!!
6 November                       Matildas Markets Hobart  @ Elizabeth St Pier
19 - 20 November              The Apron Design Market @ The Seaport,
                                         (mentioned on a couple of blogs...
                                          more info please?)

19 - 20 November             Niche all wrapped up for St Giles @ Tramsheds, Launceston

21 November           http://themarkethobart.com.au/

28 November          Clarence Point Market, West Tamar


5 December            http://eastsidemarket.blogspot.com/


12 December         http://themarkethobart.com.au/

Friday, October 15, 2010

Jellywares on Marshall

Well what a lovely surprise I had last week !  On chugging in (the little Toyota Ute) to the (almost) outback town of Cobar in western NSW during SO and mine's Big Trip 2010, I found the delightful Josie presiding over her shop counter, crochet hook in hand.     Jellywares on Marshall has a welcoming and delightful ambience specialising in all things home-made, home-grown and wholesome.  Lovely displays and all sorts of tempting things to buy! There is a good selection of yarns, books and accessories; hand crafted goods created by Jodie as well as fresh eggs, preserves and pickles! Handspun yarn by Jodie and the ladies of the town can also be found and gorgeous sewn dresses for us and the children all made special with Jodie's unique touches!  She does classes as well, has an online store, is a mum to two gorgeous little ones and works with her husband on their sheep station 70 kms up the road - don't know how she fits it all in.

Goodies by the dozen!

Shopfront on Marshall St Cobar

Jodie and one of her lovely daughters in the shop!
I could not resist and bought some Cascade yarn to bring home for the AKL to play with (lucky loom that it is).  SO is quoted as saying "haven't you got enough wool at home ?"  Yes, but you can always have more, besides this is cotton and alpacca, and this season's colours!!   Check out Jodie's blog here.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Notions in my (Victorian) Neighbourhood

You may have gathered by now that I have a split (ah hem....personality??) life.  Some of it is here in Tasmania - born and bred 7th generation - and some of it is in the little village of Malmsbury on the edge of the central highlands of Victoria with the remote Significant Other who is there for his work.  Near Kyneton, it's rather like our Ross in a way - big english trees and old buildings and busy with tourists.  (Also b. cold in the winter and stinking hot in the summer).

Well.....10 kms up the road, Piper Street in Kyneton is the place to go on a weekend.  The monthly Farmer's Market is a draw, but the roughly kilometer length is absolutely chokkas with cafes, providores, art, handmade and decorating.  Everything from French Provincial to vintage Australian.  I love to wander when I get the chance...which I did on Sunday.

In a previous post I have enthused about Stockroom on Piper who have occupied part of the old Meskills Wool Mill building and this was my first time back since their opening (and relocation from Daylesford) - and I was not disappointed.  Jason and Magali have added a new coffee hub complete with vintage red caravan and 1970s lounges to sit on and books to browse (I was right at home!); there were the usual gorgeous Australian designed and made clothes to peruse plus an eclectic offering of handmades interspersed with vintage collectibles and kitchenalia - not to mention the exhibition spaces and artist workshops!

So......I was absolutely exstatic (well very excited at the least) when I spied a familiar logo and recognised the work of the lovely Rosie from NOTIONS !  Wonderful to see Tassie handmade abroad and mixing it with the world!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's amazing how much can happen in 10 days!

Just been reading  what y'all have been up to over the past week or so....everyone is sooo busy and lots of wonderful news and good stuff happening!

Me and the SO have been travelling in the big wide spaces of Australia on our annuals - last year we went to Broken Hill and down the Darling with not much water in it.  This year, some of the same, but along bits of the Murray and up the Darling on the other side.... water water absolutely everywhere...and the feed...and the wildflowers!  Also this year we took the tent and only slummed it in a park cabin on the last night.

2.600 kms Sunday to Friday...whew!  but fantastic. I flew out last Saturday and on the Sunday we drove the trusty little Toyota Ute from Malmsbury (our Victorian home near Kyneton in the Central Highlands) to Loxton (SA).  Monday was Berri and Renmark, then off through NSW along the Murray River to Lock 7 near Rufus River at the bottom of Lake Victoria (full of water). Tuesday was Wentworth, Pooncarrie and to 'Bindara Station' on the Darling River (full of water). Wednesday we ran from the rain through the Kinchega National Park & the Menindee Lakes area (full of water); then real outback stuff up to Wilcannia (boy oh boy) and to Tilpa (where we wrote our names on the wall at the pub) and camped at the weir (full of water). Thursday back down to Cobar where I met the lovely Jodie at Jellywares, then Hilston and Hay. Friday we headed for home through Balranald, back into Victoria across the Murray (full of water) at Swan Hill, down through Kerang, to Bridgewater, Malong, and home along the freeway back to Malmsbury (where the Malmsbury Res is almost full of water LOL).

I'm tired thinking about it!   I just fell off the red plane this arvo and am catching up on the important things like emails and blogs!

Photos tomorrow .......xxxxxx...zzzzzzz....xxxxxxx

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ball, Balls, Balls

Been busy this week spinning and winding balls! There were 8 mill-spun hanks (Meskills, NorthEast Yarns and Jarob Farm) that had to be wound up and several bobbins of mine and Barbara's handspun.  I must admit, although I've been a spinner for more years than I care to remember (must be more than 31 as that's how old my eldest is......and I had black sheep before I had him lol) it's been an intermittently practiced pleasure. Alternating with spinning has been all sorts of other stuff including work, raising kids and gardening together with .....the list goes on. However, just lately, and inspired by Barb's product, I have had the urge to get the wheel out and I have really enjoyed it!  Part of that has been the absolute joy of working with the Tasmanian superfine merino wool tops - this fibre is truly magnificent to spin and I'm looking forward to blending the handspun singles and 2 ply with the mill-spun 2/16s on the loom. I have a couple of orders for superfine scarves and have decided on this approach.   So, the ball winder has been busy.......

Lots of balls

Clarence Point Alpaca (Rusty) 2 ply handspun

Meskills 8 ply mill-spun Corriedale and
Tassie Superfine Merino handspun single on right

Finn X dyed in the fleece 2 ply handspun

Finn X Dyed in the fleece selection of handspun sinlges with the 2 ply on left. 
These are all from the same fleece that I got from Lesley Rorke at Bendigo this year

Hand dyed silk fibre spun single (also from 2010 Bendigo)

Tas Superfine Merino handpsun singles in two textures


.....Hope you all have checked out the new  madeit sister site craftumiwhere best friends shop for craft supplies :: buy & sell craft supplies :: art :: craft :: hobby

It's really great to have a dedicated spot for craft supplies - makes it soo much easier to find just what it is that you need.

I have my superfine merino tops listed on madeit but shall be moving them to craftumi as soon as I get organised  (organised is VERY HARD at the moment, but VERY EASY to List  lol) 

Check out all the goodies that are available........
• Art • Bag Making • Beads • Books & Magazines • Candle & Soap Making • Ceramic, Pottery, Mosaic • Fabric • Fibre & Yarn • Glass Art • Jewellery • Kits • Leather Craft • Wood Craft • Metal Craft • Millinery • Needlework • Packaging • Pattern • Photography • Printmaking • Scrapbooking & Card Making • Sewing & Quilting • Storage • Toy & Doll Making

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Well I've been and gone and done it

.......I've resigned......from the day job........I've done it.......am I happy now ?....YOU BET.......

Monday, September 20, 2010

Wether the Weather

Was just watching the square box in the lounge room and saw that the northern hemisphere is off on their extreme weather patterns again!  And did you see New Zealand blanketed with snow - all of it?

Bermuda...my favourite place in the world other than Tassie of course (I was there is 2003) has been hurricaned again!  Poor Bermuda - a little fish hook in the middle of the Atlantic not much different in size to Bruny Island, battered and bruised by a monster swirling out there in the ocean.

St George's suburbs Bermuda May 2003
Don't you just love those beautiful colours on the houses?  How wonderful it must be to have a community happy enough to paint their homes such gorgeous hues - much better than four shades of red brick don't you think?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Gorgeous Tasmanian Superfine Merino Wool Tops

100g Pack Tas Superfine Merino

I'm very excited to be now able to offer for sale 100g packs of Tasmanian Superfine Merino wool tops.  From the Japanese Mill that processes this fibre which is sourced exclusively from Tasmanian growers, the tops have been scoured, carded and combed and are ready to spin, felt or use for other crafty pursuits.

Natrual, lustrous, creamy white, the 19.5 micron average superfine fibre just about jumps all by itself onto the bobbin!

Go to my madeit or etsy shops and you'll be able to purchase some for yourself!

Barb and I have just started spinning this wonderful stuff and the spun yarn will be woven on the Ashford Knitters Loom for the autumn 2011 range of handmadebyrowena scarves, wraps, jackets and other outerwear, plus our NEW RANGE of baby products coming soon.  We are just so excited to be able to share it with you !!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Quiet Week

I've been a bit quiet this week, but then I've been on domestic duties in the wet and wild high country of Victoria.  My 4 weekly visit for cooking cleaning and shopping etc etc is once again over and it's back to work ....and boy was it wet!  Floods everywhere and all the dry creeks and rivers are once again flowing.  It's truly spectacular and a tribute to nature to try and fix it green again.

We went for a drive to check out the state of the local waterfalls.......

Loddon Falls near Glenlyon (Spa Country Victoria) at the weekend

Loddon Falls earlier this year

.......and at Trentham, not far from Daylesford, the Coliban River was making a statement and a half!

Trentham Falls at the weekend

The roar of the water was magic!

Then we went to lunch at Gav's Tav at Trentham - a lovely arty little village about an hour north of Melbourne and not far from our Victorian miner's cottage.  The Cool Country Tavern serves beaut meals and beverages - large plates and scrumptious food - in a warm and vibrant atmosphere.  We didn't stay for the live music on Sunday arvo as we needed a sleep after the huge meal Gav brought out to us.  thanks Gav & Tracey !

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Eastside Makers Market

It rained and rained and rained...but we went.  [Dedication to the market stall-holders' code - if we don't go, the customers won't come!] The Eastside Makers Market ladies were very welcoming and the little PCYC hall in Scott Street Bellerive on Hobart's Eastern Shore was bouncing with music, a juggler, great coffee, beautiful fresh spring flowers and warmth from the inclement weather outside!  Despite the day, there was a steady flow of customers and I met a cousin I had not met before!

All in all, a good day and VERY EXCITING !  handmadebyrowena took out the award for the best display and I was SO surprised and a bit embarrassed.  But thank you to Felicity, Jude and Robyn for making my trip south possible and to Linda from XTRAS DIRECT for  making it a wonderful one!  I look forward to a shopping trip with Jude to spend my voucher.

Xtras Direct  Shop 21 Shoreline Shopping Centre, Howrah  Tas  7018  for shoes, jewelry, clothing, accessories - everything we could want !

Some lovely wares were for sale with the talented and friendly designer makers attending were yet another surprise!

Linda Brown from Xtras Direct -  "Xquisite Xccessories" & Moi


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Allwrappedup again!

I was just so so pleased to be able to make my donation to St Giles Launceston based on my sales for the two days just gone of Niche allwrappedup for August 2010.  I don't have much disposable - us crafts people work hard and profit little in $$s  (but lots in other benefits) - so it's a great way to share with the kids at St Giles who really need all the love and assistance we as a community can give them!  The staff are singularly magnificent in their care.  I know this from personal experience as two family members have benefited from their help!

So, how did we go ?  Well once again it was an absolute pleasure to be surrounded by such fantastic, happy and friendly designer makers from Tasmania.  We had a great time and apart from a few relatively minor hiccups out of most every one's control, everything went really well.  Saturday especially was busy and throngs filled the space to near capacity more than a couple of times!

To all those who stopped by Rowena to say hello - thanks for making my market stall a happier place and to those who liked my wares enough to purchase, I truly hope you enjoy your scarf for many wears to come!  Thanks for all the encouraging comments, the new ideas and the reinforcement of what I am already doing.  I was also encouraged by the interest in the new Superfine Tasmanian Merino Lambs wool scarves and in the Conara range made from the lustrous Wanstead Park English Leicester yarn!   It seems also that we can sell balls of Barb's lovely handspun - there was much interest.  Perhaps, if I can get guaranteed supply, I may be able to find time to hand dye and ballup the superfine and sell in small lots - wouldn't that be a pip (to quote Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy).

I must get busy now on my trusty AKL as there are three orders to fill and Jude and Felicity and the girls from Eastside Makers Market have encouraged me to part with the readies for a spot at the next market in Bellerive on Hobart's eastern shore next Sunday 5th September 2010. ....and I really need to update Etsy and MadeIt .

...another Niche all wrapped up!  Thanks Selena and to Zoe who looked after us wonderfully at the Academy Gallery venue!   Do hope those who were at the Boatshed venue had just a great a time!

PS...the jacket sold !  Thanks to Lee's mum for the first try-on - it was so wonderful to see the garment modelled by someone whom it suited!  And to Trish who missed out - I'll barter when I get another made.  To Pat who won the battle, do share won't you !  LOL.  Enjoy!

CHECK OUT THE PHOTOS...new page on tab at top of page.  Everyone deserved a spot but thanks to those who were happy for me to take their pic and post to this blog!