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A blog about the meanderings of a craft designer and hand maker living in a beautiful island at the end of the earth....I'm a weaver addicted to her little Ashford Knitters Loom, a crocheter, knitter, painter, gardener and grandma. Rowena lives in Tasmania - a world apart, not a world away!

Craft is a social activity, shaped by communal resources and motivations. Leonardo Bonanni and Amanda Parkes Virtual guilds : collective intelligence and the future of craft JMC vol 3, no 2 July 2010 pp. 179-190

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I have managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Victoria to catch up on domestic duties and make sure SigOther is behaving himself!  So three days of wet weather coming up I fear.  It was pouring at Tullamarine this morning as I dashed for the little Bendigo Airport Bus but thank heavens it had stopped by the time I hopped out at the top of the hill at Malmsbury.

Home Sunday nite then next week will be full of last minute things to do before the "big move" and also catching up with the wonderful artisan crafts people who have decided to support Oatlands handmade.  There is lots of stock to pick up and get organised.   The MOO Robot emailed me to say my lovely new business cards and other printed stuff is on it's way and the shop counter has arrived in the garage - now so full I can't find the little looms!!  (Still got orders to complete b4 Thursday and another trip to Hobart to fit in.  Whew!!)

Looking forward also to a trip to Eastside Makers on Sunday 5th to say hello and to collect more stock.  Some visitors from the Coast will be there - hope they have a great market! Oh, and a big big thanks to Extras Direct (I won a Gift Voucher from them at the September Eastside) I went shopping when in Hobart on Wednesday.  Bought a beautiful handmade jacket. Absolutely gorgeous little shop at Shoreline Shopping Centre full of accessories, jewellery, unique clothing and shoes.  Thanks thanks thanks.

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