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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Print Making with Isis

The lovely and talented Isis ran a print making workshop at The Mill Providore And Gallery in Launceston.

What a fantastic time we had !

                                 Day One - Screen Printing on Monday 25th October
Day Two - Block printing with lino cuts on Tuesday 2nd Nov

There were just three of us in the class !   (Our teacher believes in small classes and individual attention.)
Louise and her lovely daughter Asher came and me.

We made lots of mess but Isis didn't mind.

......we learned how to cut stencils and remembered everything we'd forgotten about lino blocks
.....and then we made some beautiful prints. 

These pics are from Day 2 with the lino blocks.....

It was great!   

And then Isis got her Hillbarn Box delivered to The Mill and we ooohed and aaahed over the wonderful fresh produce...and she got ROSES TOO !

I had a terrific time, learned heaps and made some beaut cards I was really pleased with. 

Waiting for the NEXT workshop.


  1. Those are soooo nice. I love black and white work.

  2. awesome course. i really wanted to go but my babysitting allocation has been all used up :(
    maybe next time . . . .
    aren't the hilbarn boxes ace!
    wow you are finding heaps more tassie bloggers too i noticed - planetbaby mentioned finding 75 !
    will you be at niche - i haven't caught up for an age - its a busy pruning season - blah !

  3. Great prints Rowena! I just love them. thanks for coming along to the workshop. x