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Friday, October 15, 2010

Jellywares on Marshall

Well what a lovely surprise I had last week !  On chugging in (the little Toyota Ute) to the (almost) outback town of Cobar in western NSW during SO and mine's Big Trip 2010, I found the delightful Josie presiding over her shop counter, crochet hook in hand.     Jellywares on Marshall has a welcoming and delightful ambience specialising in all things home-made, home-grown and wholesome.  Lovely displays and all sorts of tempting things to buy! There is a good selection of yarns, books and accessories; hand crafted goods created by Jodie as well as fresh eggs, preserves and pickles! Handspun yarn by Jodie and the ladies of the town can also be found and gorgeous sewn dresses for us and the children all made special with Jodie's unique touches!  She does classes as well, has an online store, is a mum to two gorgeous little ones and works with her husband on their sheep station 70 kms up the road - don't know how she fits it all in.

Goodies by the dozen!

Shopfront on Marshall St Cobar

Jodie and one of her lovely daughters in the shop!
I could not resist and bought some Cascade yarn to bring home for the AKL to play with (lucky loom that it is).  SO is quoted as saying "haven't you got enough wool at home ?"  Yes, but you can always have more, besides this is cotton and alpacca, and this season's colours!!   Check out Jodie's blog here.

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  1. never have too much yarn!
    having just the right shade for a project is VERY essentual ;)
    lucky you to be able to just drop by cobar - must be great travelling about at this time of year .