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A blog about the meanderings of a craft designer and hand maker living in a beautiful island at the end of the earth....I'm a weaver addicted to her little Ashford Knitters Loom, a crocheter, knitter, painter, gardener and grandma. Rowena lives in Tasmania - a world apart, not a world away!

Craft is a social activity, shaped by communal resources and motivations. Leonardo Bonanni and Amanda Parkes Virtual guilds : collective intelligence and the future of craft JMC vol 3, no 2 July 2010 pp. 179-190

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I just don't know where the time has gone...still not properly unpacked, but enough to feel at home.  I just miss being able to choose a book from the shelf - the books are still in boxes as the bookcases are up in the shop!  It all takes time....and a bathroom cabinet would not go astray.

Oatlands social life is bustling : I am joining the RSL (they say if my nomination is rejected, I'll make history - we will see LOL) and last night I was invited to the weekly Rotary do.  A lovely meal, lots of laughs, mucho fund raising (Floods Appeals this month) and a talk by a young farmer recently returned from 5 month exchange trip to UK and Ireland.  A MOST enjoyable evening.  The Coffee Club also beckons but they meet after my opening time - but I have hopes of doing a few shortly.

So many "locals" have been in to say hello and it is great to know that the little shop is well received.  I need to try and remember names and faces......

View from my front window
 This is the view that greets me each day whenI raise the blind and put out the "Open" signs.  Stunning!  and if you want to check out the rest of Oatlands as it looks at the moment, have a look at Yin Mei's lovely photos.  Yin Mei's blog 

I am gradually getting my work space under control and have placed the worktable so I can see out the window :
View from upstairs workroom

Can't wait to get weaving!  I had a visit today from the NEW girls from the Tasmania Woollen Company .  Judy and Cheryl have recently taken up the retail challenge and I was thrilled when they expressed an interest in having some of Handmadebyrowena's superfine merino woven scarves and wraps.   Thanks for visiting ladies!

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  1. You have a most lovely view from your work room with plenty of light. Looks like you have settled in pretty much quickly and easily! Can't wait to see the little shop finally fully fitted out!