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Craft is a social activity, shaped by communal resources and motivations. Leonardo Bonanni and Amanda Parkes Virtual guilds : collective intelligence and the future of craft JMC vol 3, no 2 July 2010 pp. 179-190

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bongo Baz's Llama

Well, rumour has it that Bongo Baz has bought a Llama ! What does that mean ?  Well, he's sent me a message that he wants to swap some llama wool for a woven scarf.  I'm curious so I suppose I'd better choose one of the "boy scarves" and pack it to take to Victoria tomorrow...then I'll get to see what I can do with llama wool! Perhaps some clasped weft weaving coming up lol.

Yep. Esty Shop "on vacation" and this blog will be quiet for a week while I fly off to Marvellous Malmsbury in country Victoria to do a spot of domestic duties for a week.  Really looking forward to the rest and to get away for a change of pace as I have been sooo sooo busy for the last 12 weeks it seems. 

...also, as of today, I don't have to go back to the kitchen! Chucked it in and opted to go back to the relative quiet of the office.  Looking forward to that change of pace too!  Start new job on 19th May : auspicious date - my daughter's birthday ...hope it's a good sign.

See you in a week's time.                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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