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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Scarf ~ Noro in the Darke

Thought you might like to see the makings of this lovely scarf using my Ashford Knitters Loom (AKL).  I used a weft of Darke Doings superfine millspun Tasmanian merino on a warp of the beautiful Japanese Noro Taiyo in autumn tones. It was woven on the AKL using a 7.5 dpi heddle and the warped length of 2300mm gave a finished length of just over 1800 mm.  Width finished is 170mm.  I used 3/4 ball of the Noro and about 70g of the merino - equivalent to about an 8ply.

This is the Noro Taiyo Yarn - colour No 9

Cotton, Silk, Wool and a tiny bit acrylic.  Yummy !

The warp tied on

.......and  rolled onto the back beam.  I use A3 paper to make sure the warp threads are even and there are no bumps.  Helps stop slipping as well!

Looking sideon with the heddle in the rest position, you can see how the shed opens up.

And so we start to weave.  In this scarf, I used a leno twist pattern.  There are ten shots of plain weave in between each leno sequence.

Close-up of leno twist

The scarf was finished with a simple twisted fringe.

Finished product !  

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