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Monday, July 12, 2010

Winter 2010 Range Release

Well here are my new scarves for winter!  (See the Slideshow at the right hand side).  Lots of lovely new colours and patterns and some stunning new yarns. There are just a few left from the "Autumn 2010 Collection" so I have included them so they don't get left on the rack....it's sad being being shelved, especially when you are a lovely scarf or wrap  LOL.

This winter I am very happy to have more of the wonderful Wanstead Park English Leicester yarn represented in the collection - all items with this fabulous Tasmanaina wool in them are from my Conara range.  Likewise the partnering of Darke Doings Fine Tassie Merino with the sumptuous Noro yarns and other luxury fibres.

NEW NEW NEW are the pure Tasmanian Fine Merino scarves and wraps.  19 micon fine Tassie merino has been millspun in Roberts Tasmania's Japanese partner's mill into lustrous and lofty 2/16s yarn which is as light as thistledown. I am delighted to be able to offer truly Tasmanian garments and accessories to you.  Thanks to Eric and Roberts' Tasmanian Merino label!

Over the next few weeks I wil load selections from Winter 2010  range into my Madeit and Etsy Stores and of course, all and more will be available at my stall at the Junction 2010 Niche Market at the end of August!

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