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Craft is a social activity, shaped by communal resources and motivations. Leonardo Bonanni and Amanda Parkes Virtual guilds : collective intelligence and the future of craft JMC vol 3, no 2 July 2010 pp. 179-190

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Tasmanian Abroad...Again!

.......Getting excited now...count-down 6 sleeps then on the boat and off to the 133rd Australian Sheep & Wool Show in Bendigo on July 16 to 18.  From the website  Bendigo Baas  The AUSTRALIAN SHEEP & WOOL SHOW (THE SHEEP SHOW) is the biggest show of its kind in the world. For three days in July, Bendigo becomes the epicenter of woolen fashion, fine food and beautiful fibre.

This will be the fourth year we have been, and I have been saving $$s madly and can hardly wait to get in the mind-blowing Woolcraft pavillions where miles of vendors offer everything from buttons and findings to finished garments.  Many many stalls with glorious handspun and/or hand dyed hanks of silk, cotton, wool, alpaca and every other fibre under the sun.  The fashion parades are just stunning and the Woolcraft competition venues bring you back to earth with a jolt when you see the marvellous talent on display.

The significant other will head straight for the ones on four legs to watch the judging, shearing comps and to catch up on any f&a's from Tassie who are there - and there will be a few I am sure!  I love the fleeces on display and of course who can resist the sheepdog trials.

But the best will be buying buying buying...I hope to be able to purchase some very special yarns to weave weave weave.

The Ravelry lot will be there but I will miss the Friday meet as the Spirit won't get me there in time to make it up to Bendi for Brekkie.

Border Leicester is the feature breed this year. 

Pics and highlights next week !

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